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Document Security and Controldocument security and control

Shredders and Signers
paper shredders paper shredders
Paper Shredders
Built to meet all standards of business, Cummins wide selection of models will provide a convenient and economical way to safely dispose of all your unneeded documents.

With 6 size categories, 3 shred types and 8 throat widths to choose from, Cummins has the right shredder to meet your company's specific needs.

signers endorsers imprinters signers endorsers imprinters
Signers, Endorsers and Imprinters
Ideal for any company, Cummins Imprinters are quick, versatile, accurate, and easy to use. Great for high volume processing, the same unit is quickly changed to handle variety of forms and types of imprints.

Forms Handling Equipment

form signers
Continuous Form Signers
Extremely versatile in design, Signers are designed to place signatures in almost any area of 3-1/2" or 7" high check forms. When speed and efficiency are what you are looking for in a signer, then this is just the product for you
bursters decollatorsbursters decollators
Bursters / Decollators
Both these units are highly productive for any company that desires fast, reliable, and controlled results. A variety of options and accessories accompany most models of each unit.

Document Marking

Using this product is the most productive method to mark documents. It's fast and easy and thousands of documents can be marked per hour.
micr encoders
MICR Encoders
Versatility, accuracy, and dependability go hand in hand with this compact unit's top quality, ergonomic design and smooth operation to handle any check volume you desire.

Manufactures that Young Scale Co. sells or services.

A&D, Acculab, Accu-Weigh, Air Way, Artech, BLH, CAS, Cardinal, Cardinal-Detecto, Celtron, Chatillion, Cummins Allison Corp., Detecto, Digi, Dillon, Doran, Droste Consultants, Durline Scales, Emery Winslow, Exact Equipment, Fairbanks, Flexweigh, Flintec, GSE, General, HBM, Incell, Inscale, Interface, Ishida, MSI, Mettler, minipack, Muse Measurements, Ohaus, Pennsylvania, Precision Automated Systems, Revere, Rice Lake, Sartorius, Scaime, Sensortronics, Setra, Stone Container, TEC, Tedea-Huntleigh, Thurman, Toledo, Totalcomp, Velcon-Flexweigh, Virtual Measurements, Weigh-Tronix, Yamato and others.

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