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Cummins products provide three critical benefits: speed, accuracy and ease of use. And, they are recognized for their excellent reliability and long service life.

When you don't have much time, or when you have a lot of money to process, you should consider Cummins equipment. Patented technologies provide you with better ways to process your coins, currency and checks.

Currency counters, wrappers & sorters

currency scanners
JetScan - Currency Scanners
Patented technology speeds currency processing while increasing accuracy. As easy to use as a currency counter, JetScans identify the denomination of every bill processed. They count mixed currency without pre-sorting. They sort unsorted money.

JetScans also verify sorted money and identify all "strangers." In addition, JetScans are sized and priced to fit any application and budget.

currency counters
JetCount - Currency Counters
With operator selected speeds from 600 to 1600 bills per minute, the JetCount features top quality construction and easy to read illuminated displays.

coin sorters
JetSort - Coin Sorters
Unmatched for speed, reliability and ease-of-use, JetSort models range from compact counter units to ultra high volume models.
coin packagers
Coin Counter/Packagers
These versatile units rapidly and accurately count coins into bags, or with optional equipment, they can count coins into paper coin tubes.
coin wrappers
JetWrap - Coin Wrappers
Advanced electronics greatly simplify operation and top quality components assure years of high output service.
micr encoders
MICR Encoders
For quick, accurate and clear MICR imprints on checks and other documents. A wide variety of models and options meet every need.

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