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For over 23 years we've provided Hawaii's retail industry with high-quality products and top-notch customer service.

We provide an array of fully integrated wrappers. We provide custom set-up. Whether you're in the grocery, convenience store, floral, open market, or any point-of-sale industry, you can count on Young Scale Co. to deliver superb products at a great value.

Stretch and Shrink Wrap

stretch wrap
Stretch Wrap
Manual hand-wrap stations, fully Automatic wrappers, and pallet wrapping systems
Shrink Wrap
L-bar sealers with hot air guns, one-step manual wrappers, one-step semi & automatic wrappers, and integrated L-sealer and Tunnel wrappers
pallet wrappers Pallet Wrappers
Semi automatic high profile pallet stretch wrapping machines.

Vacuum Sealing Machines
Non-chamber vacuum machines, tabletop vacuum chamber machines, and floor model vacuum chamber machines.
Heat Sealing Machines
Thermosealers for preformed trays and modified atmosphere. Manual and pneumatic machines available. Widely used in Home Meal Replacement programs in Super Markets, Deli's and Restaurants.
carton sealers
Carton Sealers
Semi automatic uniform carton and fully automatic random carton sealers for 2' or 3' tape.
Bagging and Filling System
Vertical or horizontal form, fill and seal systems.
Strapping Machines
Semi automatic and fully automatic strapping machines.

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