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Young Scale Co. is one of Hawaii's largest distributors of weighing solutions. For over 23 years we've provided Hawaii's retail industry with high-quality products and top-notch customer service.

Whether you're in the grocery, convenience store, floral, open market, or any point-of-sale industry, you can count on Young Scale Co. to deliver superb products at a great value.

From simple price computing scales to point-of-sale systems to fully integrated wrappers, we provide custom set-up and commodity programming to meet the customers retail weighing needs.

Young Scale Co. is the authorized distributor of many high quality manufacturers of light, medium and heavy industrial scales. Featuring industrial Bench scales, Checkweighers, Conveyor scales, Counting scales, Crane scales, Floor scales, Farm scales, Lift Truck scales, Monorail scales, Truck scales and much more, as well as custom options.

Industrial Scales

Conversion Kit
For converting existing mechanical scales to electronic.

Baggage Scales

Custom size baggage scales for the Airport or the freight industries.



Industrial balances for rugged, low capacity, high precision weighing.
bench scales
Bench Scales
Available in many different sizes, capacities and precision.
Batching Load Cells and Assemblies
For bins, tanks and hopper - straight weighing or batching
Stainless steel wash-down design to provide fast, accurate over & under weighing.
Conveyor Scales
Reduces labor costs and increases weighing accuracy of discrete units in food plant and general industrial applications.
counting scales
Counting Scales
Where accurate piece counting is required, fast, accurate and reliable Counting Scales are the answer.
crane scales
Crane Scales
For overhead material weighing and handling of high capacity loads.
explosive environment scales
Explosive Environment Scales
Explosion-proof indicators to prevent fires, Purged-systems for hazardous environments, Intrinsically safe units with safety barriers that take the explosion-proof a step further.
floor scales
Floor Scales
NTEP-certified floor scales used in food processing, shipping and receiving and manufacturing applications.
farm scales
Farm & Vet Scales
A better weigh to measure livestock performance. Used in Veterinary offices as well as farms and ranches to monitor weight gain or loss in pets and/or livestock.
The controller or unit that displays weight in the electronic scale system.
lift truck scales
Lift Truck Scales
Mounts to the forks of a Lift Truck. Improves productivity by saving a trip to the floor scale in shipping/receiving and manufacturing facilities.
Monorail Scales
For tough, accurate weighing in the slaughterhouse. Cut costly production line interruptions.
Label, tape or ticket printing, for shipping/receiving, retail UPC/EAN labeling, inventory & laboratory labeling.

remote displays
Remote Displays
Allows monitoring of the weighing process outside of high traffic areas.
Mechanical Scales
Top loading dial scales, beam type balances and portable beam scales to fill special needs.
truck scales

Truck Scales
Weigh truck loads of product to be bought or sold. Truck scales are built to maintain accuracy and dependability for years of use through all types of weather. Used in mining, road construction, asphalt installations, timber operations, refuse and recycling operations, construction quarries just to name a few?

Retail Scales

Weight Only
From shipping and receiving to food and chemical processing, Young Scale Co. offers a full line of bench scales, from light duty scales to scales that will withstand punishment and harsh environments and still provide the accuracy and reliability to fill your needs!
price computing
Price Computing
We offer Price Computing Scales that will provide superior accuracy at an affordable price. We also offer models with advanced function keys that simplify point-of-sale weighing and price computing applications.
programmable scales
Programmable Scale/Printer
The Programmable Scale/Printer is designed to streamline data management for increased efficiency and convenience. Most Models are capable of Master/Satellite applications, perfect for a store-wide on-line system, the ISHIDA AC-3000 Programmable Scale/Printer's flexible format labeling, convenient label cassette, and advanced network capability allow it to outperform any other scale in its class.
semi automatic scales
Semi-Automatic & Automatic Systems
Many units with modular design are perfect for hand-wrap stations. Units designed for hand-wrap station, feature stainless steel construction. Allowing the user the freedom to set-up for the most effective working environment.

From modular wrappers and weigh/labelers to fully integrated systems for automatic weighing, wrapping, and labeling. Revolutionary designs that provide greater simplicity, reliability, and productivity.
Digital postal scales are easy-to-use for postal applications ranging from mailrooms, small businesses, home use, general purpose weighing and small parcels. Most postal scales will offer postal rates including; First Class/Priority Mail, Express Mail, Canada Letter Airmail, Mexico Letter Airmail and Other International Airmail. Various capacities are available.
Customand Specialty Weighing Equipment

Complete process control solutions for flow control, blending, batching, filling, real-time data analysis, serial networks, and custom interfacing, Rice Lake Weighing Systems' batch and process controllers offer virtually unlimited hardware and software configuration capabilities.
Automated Truck Scale Systems
Automated inbound/outbound scale terminals and unattended vehicle management.

From the platform, to the invoice, to account management, the automated truck scale system is the ultimate solution for your unattended outdoor truck scale needs
Process Control and Batching Systems
Concrete batching controllers, bulkweighing controllers, and in-motion checkweighing systems.
custom options
Custom options
Intercom systems, barrier gates, CCD cameras, traffic lights, keypads, alarms, etc.
test weights
Test Weights
Precision laboratory weight sets, calibration service with certificates, and counter weights and hangers.
scale software
Software to manage databases for industrial and retail markets.
Medical Scales

medical scales
Scales for hospital, clinic, physician, pharmacy and laboratory. We sell medical scales from the most respected manufacturers in the business: Detecto, Health-o-meter, Ishida, Tanita, Seca, A&D, Ohaus and Setra. From sophisticated electronic Body-fat monitors and digital analytical scales to hard-working mechanical beam doctor's scales and baby scales, we have the scale to meet your needs and your budget.
Consumer Scales

consumer scales
Consumer Products
Analog and digital kitchen scales, solar and battery powered bathroom scales. Scales to monitor your body-fat! Small pocket-sized Jewelers balance.
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